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About Us

In the fall of 2009, the former Victoria Community Centre and the former Fort Garry Community Club entered into formal discussions to amalgamate into one community centre under one Board of Directors.  A motion to amalgamate was passed and by Christmas 2009 the Fort Garry Community Centre (FGCC) was born.

Amalgamation of Victoria Community Centre and Fort Garry Community ClubThe FGCC provides recreation and programming to the community through its two locations at 80 Derek Street and 880 Oakenwald Avenue.  Each site has a multi-purpose building and skate change building, playgrounds, soccer fields and baseball diamonds, a total of four enclosed ice rinks and two pleasure rinks.  For more detail about our grounds and facilities, please click on the Facilities & Programming tab.

The neighbourhoods served by FGCC include Crescent Park, Point Road, Beaumont, Buffalo, Parker, most of Pembina Strip and a small sliver of Earl Grey.  The boundary runs along the CNR mainline from Waverley Street to Pembina Highway, over to and along Jubilee Avenue to Riverdale Street, south along the Red River to the north edge of the Wildewood Club, south along Netley Street and Point Road back to the Red River, then follows the river south to the Fort Garry Bridge.  From there it follows Bishop Grandin Boulevard west to Pembina Highway, runs north to McGillivray Boulevard, then west to Waverley Street and north back to the CNR rail line.


Moving forward, the FGCC is in the midst of a Redevelopment Project that would see the main buildings at each site replaced with new multi-purpose buildings, and the addition of a gymnasium at the Hobson site.  For more information regarding this project, please click on the Redevelopment Plans tab.

FGCC's By-laws amended April 2017 

FGCC's Constitution amended April 2011

For more information on the Board of Directors or Volunteering, please click on the tabs above.