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What types of events do you rent out the facilities for?
Family dinners, wedding/baby Showers, birthday parties, farewell parties, retirement parties, skating parties, barbeques, sport windups, book launches, bridge/card clubs, fitness classes, crafting groups, meetings, annual general meetings, workshops, training classes, etc.  

What is the capacity of your facilities?

The hall at the Victoria site holds 130 people, the main hall at the Hobson site holds 150 people with a seating capacity of 96.

What are the rental fees?
Single use rental rates for the main hall at either site, including set up and cleanup time, plus shared use of the kitchen:

$45 per hour**

Rate may vary for Friday and Saturday evenings as well as bookings with 100+ people

Single use rental rate for all other indoor space, including set up and cleanup time, plus shared use of the kitchen (not recommended at the Victoria site if another event is taking place in the main hall at the same time):

$40 per hour**

Enclosed rinks and green space (excluding soccer fields, football field and baseball diamonds) are also available for rent. Please contact the office for more information.

**A deposit fee may be required depending on the type of event. An additional fee for on-site staff may be applied.

All rates are subject to change without notice.  For rental rates for all other facilities at either site, please send a request to the Administrative Coordinator.

Can I book long-term use of the facility?

Yes, we welcome long-term rental contracts! Rental rate will depend on various factors including use, duration of contract, and days and times required. Please contact the office to discuss further.

What does my rental fee include?
Your rental fee includes the use of the leased portion of the facilities and any equipment belonging to FGCC that is available for use and specified on the contract. Equipment includes 6' tables and stacking chairs.

Kitchens are equipped with an oven for heating purposes only, a coffee maker, microwave, fridge and sink.

On-site staff or a Board member will provide access to the leased portion of the facilities for the period of time specified in your rental agreement.

Can I rent your kitchen to prepare food for my small business or event?
No. FGCC facilities are licensed for food handling only.  Only prepared foods can be provided at any event.

Are your facilities Air Conditioned?
The Hobson site is air conditioned, but the Victoria site is not.

What else do you rent?

  • Pre-school games and activities (Hobson site only) - $100, including staff setup and take down
  • Tent - $150 plus damage deposit of $150 for a 20’ x 20’ tent with set up and tear down by FGCC staff 
  • Popcorn machine - $30 plus $3 per popcorn pack used
  • Cotton Candy machine - $40 plus minimal cost for sugar used
  • Sound system - $50 per event plus $150 damage deposit
  • Projector - $30 plus $150 damage deposit
  • Pool table (Victoria site only) - $12 per hour plus $150 damage deposit
  • Foosball table (Victoria site only) - $12 per hour plus $150 damage deposit
  • Barbeque - included with any rental plus a fee of $20 for full propane tank

Can We Decorate?
Decorating of the leased portion of the facility is allowed.  Please use easily removed tape or adhesives that will not mark walls or peel paint. All decorations, adhesives, string, etc. must be removed by the end of your rental time. Standard plastic or paper table cloths will usually fit tables at both sites.

Do we have to clean up after our event?
Yes, you are responsible for clean up after your event.  Please respect other users of the facility and 'leave it as you found it'.  Clean up is easy:  sweep and mop floors, remove food waste garbage and bring full, tied garbage bags to the garbage bins located outside. Wipe tables and chairs, then return stacked chairs and collapsed tables to their place.  Remove tape and/or decorating materials from walls.

Can we get in early to decorate and set up?
The date and time that is stated on your contract to rent the leased portion of the facility must include setup and clean up time.

Do I need a Liquor Permit?
FGCC will rent out its facilities for events serving or selling alcohol at the discretion of the Board. Any events serving alcohol will require the appropriate permit.

Can we pay to have an event set up?
Yes. We can arrange set up for your event. The cost is $12/Hour for each staff member (typically 2 staff) and includes set up of tables and chairs and decorating if required. Supplies and direction must be provided by you for decoration. 

Our group is just having a meeting, can we use your hall for this?
Yes, we can accommodate groups of varying sizes for meetings at both sites.  NOTE: Any audio/visual or computer set up must be provided by you. We have Shaw WiFi free access at both sites, and cable at Hobson. We do not have audio/visual equipment to loan.

We're hosting a child's birthday party, do you have activities for them?
Yes, we have a number of items available for a low rental fee, including a water table, sand table, slide, car, easel, bouncer, a few carnival games and more. Please contact the office for individual and package prices. 

The City of Winnipeg also has a wide range of games and equipment available for rent through through Recreation & Leisure. Call 311 or go to http://www.winnipeg.ca/cms/recreation/leisureguide.stm and select 'Rentals' for a list of equipment and activities. 

Do you have to be an adult to rent the Hall?
Yes, an adult must be responsible for the hall and all guests at the event.  An adult must be PRESENT at the event to supervise.  A contract is signed at the time of rental and the signor must be of legal age.

What parking is available?

Both sites have no fee parking lots and free street parking in close proximity. The Victoria site parking lot has 12 stalls, and the Hobson site parking lot has approximately 94 stalls available.

How does booking a rental work?

Once you have contacted the FGCC office, the Administrative Coordinator will work with you to confirm the booking date and times and make arrangements for contract signing and payment. An FGCC representative will open and close the facility for your booking.