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Sports Registration
Please go to our home page for current information.
In-person registration during regular office hours at the Hobson site, 880 Oakenwald Avenue 

Late registrations will be accepted ONLY when teams have space.
Refund policy - see online registration page for details.

Subsidy applications for sports and recreational activities hosted by FGCC are available from the Hobson office


Q: How much time is my child expected to spend at their chosen sport?

A: the season for soccer, baseball and softball runs from April (weather permitting) to the end of June. Games and practices are usually scheduled for two nights a week. Days and times are TBD 

Q: What equipment is needed? 

A: Most safety equipment is provided, Coaches will indicate any additional equipment needed to be purchased or worn.   A good pair of shoes, a glove and some shorts are usually all that is needed

Q: How are the teams chosen? 

A: Participants are placed on teams based on Age group. Players are grouped by their year of birth.

Q:  What are the fees? 

A: Fees differ from sport to sport and by age group. Fees cover expenses like Umpires, Referees, equipment costs and any field or sports association charges. Please visit the main page and see the online registration for more information on fees. 

Sport links on the main page have information on equipment, fees, Spring Break Camps if offered-click and check it out!   

The Fort Garry Community Centre offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities for children and youth throughout the year, with most registration taking place in the spring and the fall.  FGCC is always in need of sports convenors and coaches.  Volunteers who take on these positions make it possible for FGCC to continue offering these activities.  To get involved as a convenor or coach, please contact the Sports Director at 204.505.3970.

The Board recognizes how important it is that the conduct of our community meets a high standard. This standard, along with clear disciplinary consequences, are applied to all sports operating out of the community centre.  The Codes of Conduct and Fair Play Policy below are applicable to all players, coaches and parents involved in FGCC sports. 

Coach code of conduct

Parents code of conduct

Players code of conduct

Disciplinary Actions

Fair Play Policy

 Subsidy application forms for programs hosted by FGCC are available from our office at 880 Oakenwald. More information and a sample application are available online.

The Jim Hunt Memorial Scholarship is a $250 scholarship awarded annually to a student of Vincent Massey Collegiate.

To be eligible for this award, the student must:

  • have been a resident of east or west Fort Garry (east of Waverley Street) for the past 5 years
  • have a passion for all sports, particularly football, hockey, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and volleyball.
  • not necessarily be the top athlete in any sport, but he/she must demonstrate a strong passion to play or coach.
  • work hard academically and show a desire to help others, but not necessarily be the top student in the class.
  • continue on to a post-secondary institution.
  • be an active volunteer in the community and display a willingness to assist his/her peers.

For more information or to apply, please contact the school office at Vincent Massey Collegiate.  

Hobson site baseball diamond